Competitive Rodeo's, Campdraft's & Junior Rodeo's 
events in the Northern Territory & Western Australia. 

The Northern Cowboys Association Amendments Changes to our Association

Amendments to the NCA Rule Book 2016


  1. At no time are ANY CALVES ears or tail’s to be held or touched during the Poddy ride event.
  2. Poddy calves can have a halter and lead rope on them with one handler and two clowns supporting the competitor.
  3. If Competitor is being held for the length of his/her ride, the Judges can place other Competitors ahead in points.


  1. If a horse is seen as being unsafe, the committee or Judge can ask for the competitor and horse to be removed or run last in its event.
  2. Prize money raised by the committee or affiliated committees for Rodeo events that are NOT payout will remain with Association.
  3. If a competitor is being lead in the Junior Dummy Breakaway event and catches the judge is to add 5 second Penalty for being lead.
  4. Junior Rodeo Roping event can be run without a Barrier or with.
  5. Dummy Calf to be run at the same speed for every competitor to suit arena size.
  6. Flag Judge for Junior Rodeo to be on horseback.
  7. NRCA Stock Contractor Insurance only covers the Stock contractor. NOT WORKERS, they come under Rodeo EVENT Public Liability Insurance cover.
  8. Junior Rough Stock will have to be checked and passed by COMMITTEE.
  9. If Competitor is being held for the length of his/her ride, the Judges can place other Competitors ahead in points.
  10. Any NEW JUNIOR RODEO EVENTS that have NOT been run under a calendar year will need to be cover under 3 schools or 2 clinic to be run as a new event in a JUNIOR calendar year.
  11. FINE and SUSPENSION will apply to ANY Competitor’s parents that are found to be flighting or abusing a committee member or any NCA workers.
  12. NCA will only apply Buckles to an Accepted Rodeo Events if the event is run four times in a Financial Year.
  13. A horse is classified a Novice when it has not placed 1st in an OPEN BARREL RACE or not won more than three (3) Novice Barrel Races.

Amendments to NCA Rule Book on Animal Welfare Notice


  1. Events that have been restricted under the draft Australian Animal Welfare standard and guideline for animals used in rodeos; namely Mutton Busting, Calf Scruffing, Wild Cow Milking and Bull Poker, have the potential to pose unnecessary risks to the welfare of the animals involved.
  2. We are members of the Australian Rodeo Federation who has been developing a draft Australian Animal Welfare ‘Standard and Guideline' for Animals used in Rodeos, which is intended to be adopted by all Rodeo Associations as mandatory for their members. It was during the development of these standards, that it was recognised that certain events presented unacceptable animal welfare risks and could be detrimental to the reputation of the rodeo industry.
  3. The following events must NOT be conducted at any rodeo:
  1. Wild horse racing, or its derivatives

2. Wild cow milking

  1. Steer tripping / Steer busting and its derivatives
  2. Tail throwing
  3. Bull fighting
  4. Mutton Busting
  5. Wild Cow Milking
  6. Bull Poker
  7. Events that use sheep or goats for roping or riding
  8. Any other event that may be declared prohibited in the relevant jurisdiction.
  1. Although these Standards are still under development, it is acknowledged that the above was endorsed at a Rodeo Federation Group meeting held in late 2015.
  2. All Committees must check all event programs prior to publication and affiliation to ensure these events are not being conducted.