Competitive Rodeo's, Campdraft's & Junior Rodeo's 
events in the Northern Territory & Western Australia. 

The Northern Cowboys Association will be reviewing these events for 2020. 
As previous years, sponsorship has been hard to cover these events locally. 
Our affiliated Rodeo will still be running roping events in their calendar this year. 

Roping (Rodeo Event)

Roping is a competitive sport of the Rodeo discipline.

 It is based on the routine tasks of capturing calves and adult cattle performed by cowboys and cowgirls as part of their job. 
 The objective of the sport is to throw a rope with a loop around the head, horns or legs, based on the size and age of the animal, and prevent it from moving. All roping events are timed events in which competitors are working against a clock. 

 Breakaway roping - This event also involves roping a calf. In this event, the calf does not have to be immobilized. The rope is gently tied to the saddle, and the rider has to throw it around the calf's neck. After a successful throw the horse has to come to a stop, which gives away the rope and the calf runs free. 

 Team roping - Two riders on horseback have to bring down an adult cattle with one targeting the horn and the other targeting the legs. 

 Barrels - Traditionally a rodeo event for women in which both rider and horse attempt to complete a clover-leaf pattern around preset barrels in the fastest time.
 Barrel Racing combines the horse‚Äôs athletic ability and the horsemanship skill of a rider in order to safely and successfully manoeuvre a horse around three barrels placed in a triangle in the center of the arena.