Competitive Rodeo's, Campdraft's & Junior Rodeo's 
events in the Northern Territory & Western Australia. 

Northern Cowboys Association Celebrating 21 Years Anniversary ( 22nd day of May 2016)

Northern Cowboys Association Inc (NCA)

The Northern Cowboys Association Inc was formed on the 22nd day of May 1995 to further develop the sport of Rodeo in the Northern Territory.

The sport of rodeo in the Northern Territory and Western Australia, with affiliates of NCA Rodeos as far as Carnarvon WA and we are forging ahead which has been achieved through a united front and a dedicated team of professionals from the NCA Committee, National Rodeo Council of Australia & NCA Affiliated Committee - We thank them for their continual support with the NCA.  

NCA Rodeo Queen Miss Roxy Woolley 2016

I am pleased to announce after a roller coaster year with the Queen Quest, I have come away with the title of 2nd Runner-Up Rodeo Queen Of Australia. 👑✨

Thank you to all of our organisers and judges for such an interesting year and to all of this years entrants, Cherie Stacey Kylie & Bianca who I have enjoyed making great friends with over the past week & of course a massive congratulations to our new Rodeo Queen of Australia 2017 winner Bessie Smits. I'm sure you will do Latoya proud.

And of course thank you so much to Toni-Marie Butt for all your support with the NCA and the queen quest in 2016.

Donation's for the Junior Rodeo's


 To Ben & Simone Seidel for their donation of our wonderful NCA poddy's for our Junior Rodeo's.

To Norm & Jo Gamble for their donation of our wonderful NCA poddy's for our Junior Rodeo's.

Allan & Dallas Bowman for the wonderful donation of the cattle crate, so we can take the poddy's to our RODEO'S

Update on our Presentation 2015

NCA Presentation 2015 was great night with about 130 family and few of our wonderful sponsors, we have over 16 NCA buckles to give out with four of them going over to the WA members. Our wonderful trophies and medals were a big hit this year with the Junior competitors, we would not to be able to do these Junior Rodeos without the support of the ARSS and our awesome sponsors. We had music and heaps of food with the help from some of the dads and Garry cooking up a blast. We would also like to say a big thank you to all the mums that help out by bring salads to support the NCA presentation. We are one big happy Rodeo family and we have some awesome events plan for this season. I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has supported the Juniors Rodeos as this will be our fourth year here with the ARSS. We started with about 39 kids and now we proudly have about 100, with these Rodeos we are supporting the kids with the chance to form friendships, good sportsmanship and bring families together in the sport of Rodeo. My committee need a big thank you for all their hard work, thanks lovely ladies. Garry Higgins MLA has been with the NCA for the last three years and one of our biggest supporter with money and help with supporting our grants. We will have our big Open & Junior Rodeo on the Sunday 12th June the weekend of the Adelaide River Show and our first Junior Rodeo will be the 25th June starting at 5 pm. We are looking forward to seeing you all down there and supporting our wonderful cowboys and cowgirls.

So grab your Akubra hat, portable shade and grab a mate and get yourself down ARSS to the greatest seat in the house at these NCA Junior Rodeos starting June. 

We can proudly call the Adelaide River Show Society our home grounds now and we look forward to many more happy years here at the ARSS club. COWBOY UP 

Keep a look out for our NCA Calendars $10 and wonderful NCA Stubby Coolers $15

Raymond Mayo Memorial Junior Bull Ride  2012

Raymond Mayo Memorial Junior Bull Ride

Raymond Mayo (17/05/2012). 

He was a great Cowboy, Rodeo Judge and Friend.

We are honored to share in keeping the memory of Ray Mayo alive through the

 Northern Cowboys Association by naming our Junior Bull Ride as the 

Ray Mayo Memorial Junior Bull Ride after him.

This day is remembered and quietly kept,

No words are needed, we shall never forget,

They Rodeo beside us every day.

     Unseen and unheard, but always near,

 So loved, so missed and so very special

  For those we love don't go away