Competitive Rodeo's & Junior Rodeo's events in the Northern Territory &  WA.

The Northern Cowboys Association Amendments Changes to our Association

Amendments to the NCA Rule Book 2016

1.             1. If a horse is seen as being unsafe, the committee or Judge can ask for the competitor and horse to be removed or run last in its event.

2.            2.  If a competitor is being lead in the Junior Dummy Breakaway event and catches the judge is to add 5 second Penalty for being lead.  

3.             3. Junior Rodeo Roping event can be run without a Barrier or with.

4.             Dummy Calf to be run at the same speed for every competitor to suit arena size.

5.             Flag Judge for Junior Rodeo to be on horseback.

6.             NRCA Stock Contractor Insurance only covers the Stock contractor. NOT WORKERS, they come under Rodeo EVENT Public Liability Insurance cover.

7.             Junior Rough Stock will have to be checked and passed by COMMITTEE.

8.             If Competitor is being held, Judges can place other Competitors ahead in points. 

9.             Any NEW JUNIOR RODEO EVENTS that have NOT been run under a calendar year will need to be cover under 3 schools or 2 clinic to be run as a new event in a JUNIOR calendar year.  

10.          FINE and SUSPENSION will apply to ANY Competitor’s parents that are found to be fighting or abusing a committee member or any NCA workers.

11.          NCA will only apply Buckles to an Accepted Rodeo Events if the event is run four times in a Financial Year.

12.          A horse is classified a Novice when it has not placed 1st in an OPEN BARREL RACE or not won more than three (3) Novice Barrel Races.

13.          Anyone with DOGS should be 200 metres away from the rodeo event and arena.

14.          It is generally accepted that a suitable RODEO ARENA size would be 30m x 50m.  This is the recommended size.

15.          NCA Membership Competitor who has won an Open Event cannot ride down to a Novice Event.

16.          Competitors are permitted to do one revolution (one roll back or tail turn) is permitted in the arena before commencing their run (ONLY ONE)

17.          Competitor must be able to ride into the arena unassisted in a Junior or Open Ladies Barrel Race.

18.          Lead line HORSES can be shared only in Lead line events only.